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News Pluse - Your Ultimate Newsroom Management System

The News Pulse addresses the challenge of streamlining editorial workflows in media organizations, optimizing content creation from news inception to multi-channel publishing.

It caters to diverse content providers and media houses, offering security, flexibility, and control.

Compatible with Adobe InDesign, it manages various content items, supporting simultaneous work by multiple users.

The system integrates with a Digital Asset Management System for versioned storage and employs web services for customization. As media consumer behavior shifts towards digital channels, traditional newspaper organizations face the need to adapt editorial workflows. News Pulse aims to satisfy these demands, emphasizing a content-centric approach, efficient gathering, reuse, and sharing. The system advocates for standardized, user-friendly, and open architecture editorial systems, emphasizing the synergy between technological and organizational factors for economic competitiveness. The challenge lies in transforming fixed workflows in traditional editorial departments to meet the dynamic demands of multichannel publishing.


Unified Newsroom Solution for Modern Media Organizations:

In the dynamic landscape of media, effective publishing requires seamless collaboration between editorial and design teams, especially under tight deadlines. Our newsroom management system, News Pluse, is tailored to meet the evolving needs of media houses, including magazines, newspapers, agencies, book publishers, and corporate entities.

Efficient Workflow:

News Pulse prioritizes an efficient workflow, allowing teams to focus more on the quality of their work and less on the publishing process.

Multi-Channel Publishing:

Adapt to the changing media landscape with support for multi-channel output processes, covering print, web, and mobile devices.

Integration with Leading Tools:

Seamlessly integrate with popular layout publishing products, such as Adobe® InDesign®, for a cohesive content creation and management experience.

Content-Centric Approach:

Embrace a content-centric approach with News Pulse, acknowledging the shift towards digital channels. Efficiently gather, reuse, and share content to meet the demands of modern media consumers.


News Pulse supports simultaneous work by multiple users, fostering a collaborative environment for content creation. The system integrates with a Digital Asset Management System for versioned storage and utilizes web services for customization.

Advocacy for Standardization:

Advocate for standardized, user-friendly, and open architecture editorial systems. Address the challenge of transforming fixed workflows in traditional editorial departments to align with dynamic demands.


News Pulse offers the flexibility to modify and extend the system using various web services and APIs, ensuring that the solution can be tailored to specific organizational requirements.

Our unified newsroom solution combines the efficiency and compatibility of News Pulse with the adaptability and content-centric focus, designed to empower media organizations in navigating the complexities of modern content creation, offering a high degree of security, flexibility, and control throughout the publishing workflow.

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